Rich Krafka Family Suffolks and Krafka Harkema Suffolks

Our philosophy

We value the results our sheep have produced for own flocks, and most importantly, for our satisfied customers.

We do believe the good sheep breed on, as evidenced by the legacy of the stud rams and females serving as the foundations of our flocks, and those which have been put to work in the flocks of others.

Raising correct, consistent and complete Suffolk sheep
We believe in raising Suffolk seedstock that is structurally correct, complete and consistent. Breeding soundness and structural soundness are at the foundation of our breeding programs, we we only sell the very best rams and ewes as breeding stock. That means you can have confidence in the genetic predictability of our flocks. They've worked for us and we believe they'll work for you, too.


As part of a diversified farming operation, the Rich Krafka Family Suffolk flock has been selected for generations to produce pounds of gain as quickly and efficiently as possible in a structurally sound, eye-appealing package. By carefully selecting from the best genetics in our flocks and available in the Suffolk breed, our sheep continue to excel in a variety of important traits, such as weaning-weight, post-weaning weight and maternal traits.

bales of hay in a field

After spending a lifetime in the sheep business, traveling to sheep farms across the country and interacting with sheep producers around the world, the Krafka Harkema flock was established with the purchase of a select group of ewes.

We believe in using the best genetics available along with our visual selection criteria, such as structurally-correct sound mouths, feet and legs, we select for overall balance, raising sheep which are long-hindsaddled, wide-loined, level-rumped, clean-fronted, with natural muscling.


Based on natural performance and accelerated growth, we rely, on accurate records and sound sheep breeding and management programs to produce consistent, correct, complete sheep.

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