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Customer satisfaction

Here's a sample of what our customers have to say:

About the proven performance of our stud rams...

Dave Moeller and wife from Elm Creek Acres, MN "Over 90 percent of our lamb crop is already on the market, earlier than any group we've ever raised and your ram is the reason. His lambs grew quickly and really had a lot of 'bloom' on them."

Elm Creek Acres, Dave Moeller, Minnesota



"The ram I purchased from you sired 70 lambs in 12 days, siring over 90 lambs in a single lambing season. Add my name to your list for another GOOD ram again this year."

Levi Petershiem, Iowa customer

"Your Suffolk rams settled our Western commercial ewes quickly with our flock of more than 100 ewes lambing in just 27 days, as your rams sired vigorous lambs."

Long-time commercial producer

"The rams we bought from you sired lambs that hit the market four weeks earlier than other rams we used at heavier weights. Count on us for another ram this year."

Commercial flock operator

"The ram we got from you sired great lambs that were big and vigorous at birth. They topped the market early, and we never had to pull a lamb out of him, or from the daughters of him we've kept in our flock."

Gordon Hinnah, Iowa

About our replacement ewes...
"The Suffolk ewes we bought from you are the best mothers we've ever had, raising multiple lambs that grow quickly."

Midwest producers

About our judging...
"I would like to thank you for being the judge at our County Fair…I think you are the best judge we have had at the fair since I started showing 7 years ago. You were very informational in the way you judged the show, which made it more fun and interesting."
Thanks again,
Lindsey Schwartz, Iowa exhibitor

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