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Foundation females

female sheep In the Rich Krafka Family Suffolks flock and the Krafka Harkema flock, we focus on raising prolific, productive females. The kind of sheep that have the capacity to carry and raise multiple lambs. The kind that are natural mothers and good milkers which are structurally correct, healthy and sound. And the kind of results that are backed up by objective genetic records as proven through the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP), rather than just claims or opinions.

Our focus on complete, consistent, and correct sheep provides you with greater assurance that these genetics will perform in your flock, too.

sheep Our foundation females look great slick-sheared and standing naturally. The way great sheep should. They're stylish, structurally sound, and naturally growthy. Schedule a visit to the farm to see for yourself.

lots of female sheep


Krafka B189 and the QUAD lambs she lambed and raised naturally in 2005, sired by "King Kinser."At 76 actual days of age, these lambs weighed a collective 306 pounds. At 110 actual days of age, the lambs weighed an amazing 457 pounds! All raised naturally on their mother--without assistance! She produced triplets in 2004 followed by this great set of QUADS in 2005. That's the type of natural mothering ability and growth that's bred into our flocks. In fact, two sets of healthy purebred Suffolk QUADS were born in our 2005 lambing season.

Our lamb crops typically average around 200% as we strive to maximize the productivity of each ewe in the flock and advance true genetic progress.

sheep Our ewes are bred to perform in the lambing barn, the sales and scales, and the show ring. For example, Krafka Harkema G351was named Reserve Champion Sale Ewe Overall & First-place Slick-shorn Yearling at the 2004 Iowa Hawkeye Sale during the Iowa State Fair. Thanks to Steinmeyer Suffolks of Nebraska on their purchase of this tremendous female.

ewes in the winter Our ewes are known for their structural soundness, length and depth of body, length of hindsaddle, square hips and level docks.

ewes in the winer We believe in selecting Suffolks with exceptional length and depth of body, spring of rib and structural soundness. Our sheep are bred and managed to produce pounds of gain as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What you see is what you get--results. Our Suffolks are bred to look great slick-shorn. No fleece jobs here--just style and natural muscling and overall uniformity.

ewes in the winter This ewe is typical of the brood ewes in our flock--deep-bodied, level-topped, structurally sound with good Suffolk breed character and full of natural muscling.

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