Rich Krafka Family Suffolks and Krafka Harkema Suffolks

"Full Deck" Krafka Harkema W9050-09 RR/NN FT

Born 2/3/09 Single

An aggressive breeder with an even more impressive post-weaning weight expected progeny difference (EPD) of +8.6 pounds, "Full Deck" sired an outstanding lamb crop in his first season. Like him, his offspring are smooth-shouldered, long-bodied, big-topped, heavy-muscled and stylish. They're structurally sound, great on their pasterns and stride out smoothly with pride like those of their sire "Full Throttle." With outstanding testicle size, he was rarin' to go to work settling ewes quickly--even as a ram lamb. If you're looking to accelerate your flock's performance and genetic consistency in producing sound, stylish fast-growing sheep load up with "Full Deck." His offspring will provide the fully-charged genetics to accelerate your flock's performance and potential profits.

Full Deck

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