Rich Krafka Family Suffolks and Krafka Harkema Suffolks


Culham & Stevens LB458 RR NN
Born 1/22/04 Twin


Flawless ranked as THE top ram in the entire Suffolk breed in post-weaning weight EPD at a phenomenal +11.2 pounds EPDs in 2005.

His performance is proven by the largest objective measurement program in the country-the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) with more than 35,000 Suffolks recorded in the performance database. In addition to being the national performance champion, in his only showring appearance, he earned Reserve Junior Champion Ram honors at the nation's largest Open Suffolk Show-the 2004 Iowa State Fair.

Post-weaning (120-day) EPD +11.2
Weaning (60-day) EPD +4.9
Number born EPD +3.8
Total maternal EPD +2.3

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