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"Big Jake" Krafka 0535-09 TY RR/NN

Born 2/10/09 Twin

"Big Jake" was the top-placing slick shorn spring ram lamb at the nation's largest Suffolk show, the 2009 Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. He stood fourth overall in a highly-competitive slick shorn class that was topped by much older fall lambs and he was the first-place spring ram in the class. He carries the overall length of hindsaddle and rump length and depth of leg sought after today. Like his sire, "Ty", "Big Jake" lambs are known for their big top, square dock and level rump structure. They're also outstanding on their on their feet and legs.

His mother, Krafka W544-05 was a big-boned quad, who's dam, Krafka B189 raised the quads sired by one of the all-time super sires in the Suffolk breed "King Kinser" Quam 202. "King Kinser" topped NSIP performance championships for best weaning and post-weaning weight EPDs in his era, and the show ring as he claimed the junior championship at Sedalia.

If you want to add hard-to-find length of body, long rump and high docks packed with outstanding Suffolk eye appeal, "Big Jake" offspring are the sheep that will do the job for you.

Big Jake

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